Jan 11, 2013

"My Brain is Busy...Call Back Later"

Developed in a mere 26 hours at a hackathon sponsored by AT&T, the app Good Times takes call management to a whole new level. By tapping into brain waves, the app can determine whether or not it is a good time for the user to make or take a phone call. If the user is concentrating or agitated, the app can detect the increased brain activity, and in turn, provide the caller with a message to try again later. When the user is relaxed, the system lets the call through. Read more about it here.

The app's creator sees many applications for this technology beyond call screening. He suggests it could be used to change the music on your player based on your mood. Or it could automatically switch the television channel if you were bored.

What other applications can you see for this technology?


  1. Delaying all kinds of notifications really & suggesting a break. :)