Mar 21, 2011

World of World of Warcraft World under construction!

In my Visions of the Gamepocalypse talk last year, I predicted the coming of a LARPing theme park which I jokingly called World of World of Warcraft World (WoWoWW). And it looks like something of the sort seems to be happening! A park in China called "Joyland" will have a mix of Warcraft and Starcraft elements. When it will open is unclear. What is clear, though, is that a major amusement park BASED ON A VIDEOGAME is being built right now. Two tickets to the Gamepocalypse, please!


  1. Awesome! Their concept art looks like a WoWoWW-bloodelve temple.

  2. Finally, someone with vision and guts to execute on it. Let's see how they implement the interactivity is it more of the same current theme park rides as a passive spectator. Or is there a virtual digital component package to the mix in playing a onsite "World of Warcraft or Starcraft" gaming. Thus creating a new genre venue for gamers. I'll wait and see. I had a similar concept posted back in Sept. 2005 on my blog site: