Aug 18, 2010

Visions of the Gamepocalypse - video

The video of my Visions of the Gamepocalypse talk is up -- nice editing job! There is almost two hours of goodness here, but click "Watch full program" if you want to see it separated out into chapters and everything. Want to play it like a drinking game? Drink every time I say "frickin'" or "awesome." Chug when I say "Frickin' Awesome."


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  2. Revision: I had no idea that non-Long Now members could view the whole thing. This is *great* news.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to embedding into a post so I, too, can attempt to cultivate interest in your interesting observations.

  3. Instead of direct reward that I myself must provide. I suggest a system of , I don't know..., Jesse-points that are awarded to anyone who makes a mash-up video with a point-counter incremented for those phrases.

  4. Screens everywhere: