Mar 6, 2010

ThinkGeek Interactive T-Shirts

These might be old news to you -- but did you realize there were so many kinds? T-shirts that let you play the guitar, that detect wi-fi signals, that have microphones, and that can even sense other interactive T-shirts? Sure, it's just a geek novelty now, but for only $20-$30, soon this stuff will find its way into pop culture... how about a shirt that detects when you are near a facebook friend? Or one that lets people become facebook friends just by bumping shoulders? Or a shirt that connects to a pedometer to show how far you've walked today? Or a shirt with a camera that shows a picture of where you were 15 minutes ago? Or a shirt that tells how long since it's been washed? A shirt that lets your friends play pac man or tetris by touching you? A shirt that displays the top of your twitter feed? Or shows the status of your farmville farm? Or your virtual pets? Or your actual pets... remember your actual pets? Or a shirt that sounds an alarm when you spill something on it? Or a shirt that shows the level of your WoW character? Or...

1 comment:

  1. a shirt that acts as a tomogachi and is light and wifi sensitive, so based on your location different environments appear for your pet and they can interact with other shirts and pets people are wearing through wifi.