Mar 2, 2010

Tropicana Juicy Rewards

Points for drinking orange juice! Every Tropicana orange juice cap now has a unique code in it. Enter the code on the web, and win points. According to my orange juice, every carton is worth up to $15 savings! Interestingly, the system seems to work like a a slot machine -- you don't know how many points you are going to get until you enter the code. Psychologically, I think it is interesting how this connects to the idea of fruit, and oranges, especially. You don't know how good an orange is going to be until you peel it, and sometimes oranges are very disappointing, but other times, they are unexpectedly juicy, sweet, and flavorful. I don't think this promotion would feel right with, say, milk.

The codes look like this:

I tried this out, and it has some interesting qualities -- first of all, they use their points currency to incent you to do other things, like this: 
To register, I had to give it a zip code, and then the survey asked me about personal preferences. And after I entered my first cap, it offered me a number of offers, but this one was at the top:

It would seem that the system picked something relevant to my zip code, and it also took into account my preference for "family fun." Pretty cool, really!

So -- is it worth the time and effort? Probably not -- but they work hard to make it kind of fun. You can even enter the codes easily from your phone. Here's more from an exec. One step closer to the gamepocalypse!


  1. This one seems like the closest match to your vision so far...

  2. I just noticed on my OJ yesterday morning "this bottle is worth 1 POINT" and thought of your talk.