Jan 21, 2014

Augmented Reality Made Easier...With Contact Lenses

Wearable tech continues to make its way into our everyday lives. Technology developer Innovega recently debuted its latest iOptik product, which consists of modern-looking eye glasses and a pair of contact lenses, that allow the wearer to view not only their immediate surroundings but also their personal digital media.

iOptik glasses
Here's the twist: the wearer can use the special contact lenses just as they would any pair of contacts. They can place them in their eyes and their vision will be normal. It is only after the wearer dons the iOptik glasses that they will have a truly immersive, augmented reality experience with the iOptik system.

View of the world using the iOptik system
This article provides a great overview of this new technology.

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  1. Hmmm... If this immersive experience is going to be full of banners and ads and pop ups... It's going to be difficult to see anything "real" at all.

    But if we already know that we don't see "reality", but our own cognitive models... Who care! :D