Apr 22, 2010

Critical Compilation

Whoa -- David Carlton, who writes the blog Critical Distance, went through the trouble to round up the many thoughtful blog posts about my Beyond Facebook talk at DICE 2010, in a post called Critical Compilation. It's a great collection of the surprising amount of thoughtful discussion that talk engendered. I wish more of it were positive! But, as Lily Tomlin wisely said, "The human ability to communicate is based on a deep inner need to complain." I'm just glad people are thinking!


  1. I think people's impression of your talk was quite positive, just not their impression of the world outlined in your talk... Which surprises me a bit, actually - I would think that people who like games would be more enthusiastic about the idea of games spreading.

    By the way, just so that I don't take excess credit: while I did write that post, Critical Distance as a whole is a group blog (devoted to gathering interesting links from other video game blogs), and Ben Abraham is the main brains behind it.

  2. I think the people developing strategy over at Facebook must have beaten you to the concept. Seems they are implementing both the currency and Sky Net at the same time.

    The real world Sky Net seems to show up as an opt-in information government which uses technology to optimize whatever thing it wants to optimize. Interesting times lies ahead.

    When the "old guard" shrinks, by growing old, to have less than 41% of the actual political power the implementation of the new system will happen rapidly.