Apr 14, 2010


We all try to stick to our commitments -- to lose weight, to quit smoking, to write that novel, but it's hard. Mainly because we're not letting anyone down but ourselves. But now there is stickK. It works like this -- you decide a punishment for not making your commitment, and appoint a referee. So, like, you might say, "If I don't lose five pounds this month, I'll pay $100 to a charity I hate.", and you appoint your friend to decide if you've done it or not. You give the appropriate email info and your credit card to stickK, and now you are stuckK! If you don't do it, you lose the money, and are ashamed in front of your friends! So, you might at least be pleased to know that it isn't impartial machines that will decide your fate in the gamepocalypse, it will be your gloating "friends."

Oh! and if you want to, you can try to meet certain business goals, and get Staples "EasyPoints"!

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