Apr 4, 2010

TED Talk

Apparently, I gave a TED talk! Well, not really, but the TED folks put an edited version of my DICE talk on their site. Some of the discussion in the comments section is interesting.

Now that I've given a TED talk, maybe one day, I'll actually get to go to TED!


  1. This is awesome! I've been saying (only to myself, admittedly) ever since your DICE talk that they should get you on TED. Between you and Jane McGonigal, we game designers are taking TED by storm!

  2. It is wonderful, thank you.
    Do you have interactive transcript of this lecture?
    Would please send me a copy?
    thanks anyway!

  3. yup i was thinking about the McGonigal VS Schell POVs of the future of gaming (+the universe and anything else) and ive got to say: Schell, i think your Gamepocalipse scenario is MUCH more probable (which is scary). I know you are making a "heads up we need to stop this" call... but some innate lack of faith in the human race makes me think it wont stop and it will happen VERY similar to what you say... (i just have to look at public addiven TV to reinforce myself in that tought pattern whenever i dont)

    Anyways i would be interesting to have McGonigal and you in the same room in TED... meanwhile anyting you want to comment about her POV?

  4. AND comcast just blocked your talk on my country on copyright grounds... funny i watched it about a week ago...

  5. man, technology is sooo advanced

  6. The transcription can be found here: http://www.realtimetranscription.com/showcase/DICE2010/JesseSchell/index.php