Jul 19, 2010

Games for Security

Games are creeping into every nook and cranny our lives -- so why not into security? Three researchers at NYU tackled the problem of "device pairing", that is, making sure that there is a secure connection between two wireless devices, by trying to make it more fun. Why? Well, device pairing is tricky, irritating, and boring (if you've ever tried to get your bluetooth headset working, you know what I mean), and their thinking was, if it's a game, maybe people will be more likely to do it.

There's some danger that the extra time a game takes might be more irritating than encouraging -- but if you're going to pair your devices, it might as well be fun!

You can download the pdf of Security Through Entertainment: Experiences Using a Memory Game for Secure Device Pairing here.

1 comment:

  1. I can see the need for that kind of practical gaming interface, as a bridge for reaching the 'less technical'. Also, the 'theoretical' security related type apps, like "Conspiracy for Good" apps (http://www.comms.ovi.com/m/p/ovi/conspiracy_for_good/),being, at some point, a "digital locksmith's toybox", as well as apps for remote viewing of IP cameras via smartphone.