Aug 28, 2010


You've seen lots of "get rewards for exercising" programs by this time -- but Earndit is different -- it is a meta-system, that can pull data from many different systems. Will the Gamepocalypse feature a weird hierarchy of reward systems? Of course! When you use your credit card at the grocery store and get both frequent flier miles and gas points, you're already doing it! Why not get Nike points *and* Earndit points *and* Fitbug points *and* RunKeeper points *and* level up your pokemon *and* get points for whatever ends up sitting on top of Earndit at the same time?


  1. Well, guess there is no more excuses for not exercising now...

    BTW, have you heard about EpicWin app? Is seamed to me as the beginning of game apocalypse, since you gain XP for any trivial RP task, but there isn't the material compensation that earndit has.

  2. Gamepocalypse! "We believe that people are driven by incentives." their initial blog post... = extrensic rewards.
    We (@quantter) are also a metasystem but we have a different spin. Quantter soon to come ;) (Hello to you Jesse in Pittsburgh I used to work for Vivisimo Squirrel Hill).

  3. BTW2, just wrote a small peace on Earndit and Epic Win using your Dice Talk

    Hope you like it!

  4. Thanks Jesse! We built Earndit with the idea of giving people that extra motivation they may need to exercise. As such we're hyperfocused on providing high-value rewards that can be achieved relatively quickly. Thanks for noticing us and writing about Earndit.