Aug 6, 2010

Virgin HealthMiles

Virgin HealthMiles is a system that companies can purchase, that gives points and rewards to employees who exhibit healthy activities via digital pedometers. What can I say that this corporate website doesn't already say? Like:
Virgin HealthMiles’ Pay-for-Prevention™ model creates a culture of prevention that not only rewards the notion of personal responsibility in adopting the right behaviors, but aligns your company interests with those of your employees to drive down lifestyle-related health care and productivity costs. This approach demonstrates true proof of performance with validated activity and health data, enabling you to ensure rewards are earned for actual performance. Your company also benefits from real-time reporting, which details measurable improvements in the health of your workforce and the impact of your overall wellness strategy.
 Thanks corporate website! But what rewards do my employees get?
Your employees will earn points – we call them HealthMiles – for increasing their daily activity and reaching key milestones. As their HealthMiles accumulate, they’ll proceed through a series of five predetermined levels. Every program is different, but if your organization would like to offer incentives to your employees, levels are the milestones at which cash incentives are awarded.
Do I have to give them cash?
Many organizations choose to implement our HealthCash system that allows employees to earn gift cards to major retailers, or cash to spend as they choose. If you’d prefer to offer health insurance premium discounts, HSA credits, something else or nothing at all, we’ll work with you to design a program that motivates your employees as effectively as possible and as you deem appropriate.
Am I doing this because I'm an awesome boss? No way! I'm doing it to save myself money! Check out the calculator on the front page that tells how much I'll save by manipulating my employees into good health!

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