Aug 2, 2010

Marlboro Miles and Camel Cash

These cigarette promotions are no longer offered, but they are worth studying. Were they cancelled because they weren't working, because people acclimated to them, or because they were working too well? Are new ones with better game mechanics in the offing?


  1. Good question. Camel Cash was a long-running gag when I was growing up - considered an artifact of my trailer-trash neighborhood.

    There were always stories of people willing to suck down as many cancer sticks as possible to get some crappy product. Times have changed, of course, and it's worth wondering if Camel didn't want to be associated with such a program anymore.

    Let us know if you learn more.

  2. Maybe it's worth noting that online poker sites like Full Tilt Poker still have these promotional schemes. And yes, they have mechanics such as "happy hour" to earn double points. I'd imagine if they incorporated something like WoW's rest system or SC2's bonus point pool, they would be even more powerful in getting their customers to keep coming back.

  3. I think the reason it was banned in the mid-90s because it was deemed to encourage under-age smoking. I remember when this went down. I was in college and we discussed the issue in my Psych class.
    The question was, why would adults want to collect chintzy trinkets emblazoned with a personified "cool" camel? Joe Camel was basically a cartoon character.

    It was controversial, but whatever you believe, I can personally attest that- as a teenager- I was lured into the campaign and spent a lot time, money, and possibly my health trying to rack up Camel bucks... for something stupid like an ashtray that was shaped like a billiard table or a pez-shaped lighter with a camel head.

  4. I still have about 4000 camel cash from when I was younger. Ive smoked for 25 years. Not once did I buy a pack of smokes to get more camel cash. What the promotion did do is keep people brand loyal. Once you've accumulated a lot of cash or miles you then chose to stay with that brand as to add to your collection.

    1. My dad got a lot of cool shit from Marlboro.

    2. My husband & brother went out & drove miles, looking for miles!!😁My brother in law didn't even smoke! Hubby got some awesome Marlboro gear! Nice stuff! I still have & use alot of it, today!👍